Green, Green Grass was
Ofah green grass

Boycie and Marlene star in "The Green, Green Grass" the first spin off to Only Fools And Horses.

a spin off of Only Fools And Horses. It focused on Boycie and Marlene, characters from OFAH. The Green Green Grass ran for 5 series from 2005 to 2009. Several characters from the show never appeared in Only Fools And Horses itself. Only Boycie, Marlene, Tyler BoyceDora Lane, Denzel, Sid and The Driscoll Brothers appeared in Only Fools And Horses as well as The Green Green Grass. All others such as Elgin Sparrowhawk, Bryan, Imelda Cakeworthy, Jed, Llewellyn Ap Caradog, Beth, Pertunia, Ray, Sara, Colin Cakeworthy and Rhian only appeared in Green Green Grass.


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Flashback only


Series 1


2005 Christmas special One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock (25th December 2005)

Series 2


2006 Christmas special From Here To Paternity (25th December 2006)

Series 3


2007 Christmas special The Special Relationship (30th December 2007)

Series 4