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Pauline Harris, husband killer.

Pauline Harris was a character in Only Fools And Horses who appeared in 1 episode, The Second Time Around (29th September 1981). She was the moneygrabbing ex girlfriend of Del Boy. Pauline was played by Jill Baker.



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In 1981, Pauline returned to Peckham, after 12 years away. She wanted to get back with Del Boy. Del was smitten with her and quicly got engaged. That night he went home and said he is engaged plus that Pauline has condescended to come and live with them. Rodney was not happy, knowing Del would be taken for a mug again. Pauline's first 2 husbands had died under suspicious circumstances and she was trying to get Del to take out life insurance and started poisoning him. Del complained of a dicky tummy. In the end Del, Rodney and Grandad went to Clacton on Sea, Essex for almost a week. Del left Pauline a note saying "My dearest darling Pauline. The engagement is off, the wedding is off and as you can see from this letter I'm off. I'll give your 5 days to get out of the flat and do not ever come back you money grabbing old murderess".

Upon the Trotters return, Pauline had long gone but left a note saying she phoned the talking clock in America, thus leaving the Trotters with a huge phone bill. But luckily Del still had his life and they were shot of Pauline for good.

Mention in Fatal ExtractionEdit

In Fatal Extraction - (25th December 1993), Del was discussing his old birds and Pauline was mentioned. However she was described as a redhead yet in "The Second Time Around" she had blonde hair.

Mother Mrs Harris

Spouse Bobby Finch (1968-??), Mr Baker (??-c1980)