Orchard Street, Peckham is a stre
Ofah orchard st at night

Orchard Street, Peckham, the Trotters home until 1960.

et in Peckham, London, SE15, and is the childhood home of Derek "Del Boy" Trotter. The Trotter family lived there until September 1960 when they moved to Nelson Mandela House, Nyrere Estate, then known as Sir Walter Raleigh House, when Joan Mavis Trotter was pregnant with Rodney Trotter.


Orchard Street was built in Victorian times as London grew, and former Surrey villages such as Peckham became suburbs of London. As London grew, the county of London was formed in 1889.


Ofah orchard street

Orchard Street, Peckham, where the Trotters lived until 1960.

In February 1960, the Trotter family lived in one of the houses in Orchard Street. Reg Trotter who was a bit of a scoundrel, his long suffering wife Joan Mavis Trotter, their 14 year old son Del Boy, and Reg's father Ted Trotter.