Ofah nelson mandela house 1993

Nelson Mandela House in December 1993.

Nelson Mandela House is the fictional towerblock on the fictional Nyrere Estate in the real life London district of Peckham, SE15. The Trotters flat is on the 12th floor and has housed members of the Trotter family since the towerblocks were built in 1960, save for 5 years from late 1996 to mid 2001 when the Trotters were millionaires before losing their money in true plonker style when their dodgy stock market crashed and they lost all their investments.

As of 2014, the Trotters still live at their 12th floor flat.


Before the towerblock and its neighbouring towerblocks Zimbabwe House and Desmond Tutu House were built, the land had a huge ammunitions factory on it. That was demolished and construction of the towerblocks began in 1959.


Ofah trotters on balcony in rock and chips

The Trotters on their balcony in 1960, as seen in Rock And Chips, Episode 1.

The towerblock opened in September 1960 and was originally called Sir Walter Raleigh House. As Joan Mavis Trotter was pregnant, she was entitled to apply for one of the flats. They were given a 12th floor flat with good views over London - more towerblocks.


By 1981, the Trotters had lived at Nelson Mandela House for 20 years. As towerblocks are not really built to last, the exterior facade of the 20 year old towerblock was a bit dirty and worn by then. Grandad was about 75 in 1981, Del was 36 and Rodney 20. Their 12th floor flat was often full of nik naks and hookie gear, from tyres to Turkish raincoats and bootleg booze.

In late 1996, Raquel's parents came to he flat to have a dinner. Antiques dealer James Turner saw a timepiece on the gas stove and was interested. He said it was a lesser watch, and could be the last Harrison watch that people have been searching for the past 300 years. If so then it could be worth a lot as Harrison was the best watchmaker ever.



Known residents over the years

The Trotter's flat, 12th floor

One of the flats on the 11th floor

One of the flats below the 12th floor


Inbetween 1985 and 1988, Nelson Mandela House and its neighbouring towerblocks probably had an external reclad, the original concrete exteriors were covered over with bricks. In real life, location filming switched from Acton in London to Bristol, so a new towerblock estate was used for filming which was significantly different to the Harlech Tower estate in Acton. Nothing was given onscreen for the change in look of the towerblocks the Trotters lived at but a reclad is the best explanation.