Ofah natal rd allotment

Natal road allotments, aka "Peckham Spring" allotments, photo taken by me on a visit in 2013.

Natal Road allotments is an allotment in Bevendean, a suburb of Brighton in East Sussex. It was used for the filming of the allotment scenes in Mother Natures Son - (25th December 1992), the 1992 Christmas episode of Only Fools And Horses.

The shows director Gareth Gwenlan had used the allotments for a scene in another BBC comedy, Waiting For God, and as part of the "Mother Natures Son" episode featured the Trotters going to Brighton for a night stay, the same allotment was chosen for the allotment seen in the episode. As the allotment is surrounded by a few towerblocks, plus the big buildings of Brighton University, the allotment could easily pass as one in South London, where OFAH is set.

Filming at Natal Road Allotments took place in late November 1992.


Usage in Only Fools And HorsesEdit

In November 1992, filming of the allotment scenes for Mother Natures Son took place. The allotment scenes make up about 20 minutes of the hour long episode, so may have taken a few days to film. A night time shoot also took place for the scenes where Derek "Del Boy" Trotter donned his diving suit to help Denzel and Trigger move the drums of chemicals. The scenes were directed by Gareth Gwenlan and camera crew operated the cameras while the actors acted out the scenes.