Marlene Boyce was a character in Only Fools ANd Horses and the wife of
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"Boycie" aka Herman Aubrey Boyce. Marlene was played by Sue Holderness.



Marlene Lane was born in about 1945 to Dora Lane and her husband, who was a tattooist. She had a brother Bronco Lane (Bronco probably being a nickname) and a sister Pertunia Lane.

By the early 1960s all the lads in Peckham had a dalliance with Marlene. Roy Slater and Trigger would often comment on this years later.

In 1963, Marlene met Derek "Del Boy" Trotter at a betting shop down Lewisham Grove. They begun dating. Marlene was actually seeing Boycie at the time. Del planned to take her on the holiday of a lifetime but one day she then packed him in suddenly, and yet the night before, Del had taken her to his flat so she could meet his mum and dad for the first time. Del never got his money back from the caravan site he had booked for their holiday.

Marlene later married Boycie.



Memorable infoEdit

Born: About 1945

Full Name: Marlene Boyce (Nee Lane)

Parents: Mr Lane and Dora Lane

Siblings: Bronco Lane, Pertunia Lane

Spouse: Aubrey Boyce (1968-present)

Children: Tyler Boyce (1989)