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Lennox Gilbey.

Lennox Gilbey was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses who appeared in one episode, The Longest Night, transmitted 14 September 1986. He pretended to be an armed robber but it was all a plan between him and the supermarket manager to fake a robbery of the safe in the office as the supermarket manager needed the money. The Trotter family were used as a foil to provide an alibi for Lennox and Mr Peterson and the security guard.


Lennox was the son of Rosanna Gilby, a "proud" west Indian woman and a "church go-er", as described by Del, who would deliver shoes round to her when Lennox was younger. Lennox was on the dole as he hadn't had a day of work since he left school. A year prior to the robbery scheme, Lennox had applied for a job at Peterson's store, presumably getting rejected. They met a couple of months before the robbery in court, with Lennox as a victim of an attempted wounding case and Peterson for failure to maintain payments for a purchase agreement signed by his wife. The two hatched a scheme to steal the 60 grand, eventually involving Tom (head of security), who was set to retire with a "crummy pension". Del refers to Tom as "Dickson of Kuala Lumpar".


Memorable info[]

Born: 1964

Full Name: Lennox Gilbey

Parents: Mr Gilbey and Rosanna Gilbey





  • The Longest Night (14th September 1986)