Ofah mike

Kenneth MacDonald as Mike Fisher.

Kenneth MacDonald was an English actor who played Mike Fisher from 1983 to 1996. Kenneth died in 2001 aged 50, shortly before the show returned.

Pre Only Fools And Horses careerEdit

Born William MacDonald in Manchester on the 20th November 1950, he was the son of Scottish wrestler Bill MacDonald.

Only Fools And HorsesEdit

In late 1983, Ken joined Only Fools And Horses as landlord Mike Fisher. It is rumoured that Ken was to play just a one episode role as Mike but he was asked back and made regular appearances for the next 13 years. Mike was bought in to be a droll foil for Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, the local dodgy market trader. Mike was often on the recieveing end of Del's dodgy deals, and one time Del sold him what he thought was a hairdryer but was an electric paint stripper.