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Karen The Barmaid was a character in Only F


ools And Horses in 1983. She worked behind the bar of The Nags Head. Karen was played by Michele Winstanley.


In 1983 Karen was a young barmaid at The Nags Head. Derek "Del Boy" Trotter sold her dad a camel hair coat which had a great lump in the back. Del said it is genuine camel hair. Karen was still working at the pub on New Years Day 1984, as seen in Thicker Than Water (25th December 1983), of which part of the episode was set 1 week ahead of its transmission date. Karen reckoned Del's estranged father Reg Trotter was a good singer.

Inbetween January 1984 and the end of 1984, Karen left the Nags Head and was never seen in the pub again, even as a customer. She was replaced by Maureen The Barmaid.