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Jean Trotter.

Jean Trotter was a minor character in OFAH in 1 episode, Strained Relations (28th February 1985). She was the snobby wife of Stan Trotter, cousin of Derek "Del Boy" Trotter. Jean was played by Maureen Sweeney.



Jean was born in North London. She met Stan Trotter and they married but never had any children. They lived in a large caravan on a caravan site in North London. In the summer of 1983, Stan's great uncle Albert Trotter called round to borrow something and ended up moving in. Jean got annoyed with Albert's war stories.


When another one of Stan's great uncles, Grandad Trotter died in February 1985, Stan and Jean Trotter was sent an invite by Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, grandson of the deceased. They drove to Peckham to attend the funeral. They agreed to go back to Del's flat after Stan said Albert will only moan all the way home. Jean mocked Albert to his great nephew Del and Rodney Trotter. She said South Londoners were not as nice as North Londoners. Albert defended South London saying he was born round here, and she said "Need I say more"? Jean also said to Del and Rodney that if she hears another nautical yarn from Albert she will swing for him. Jean said they thought about putting Albert in an old folks home but realised they couldn't, not at the prices they asked. Jean was a stuck up woman who thought she was a cut above the rest and she saw Albert as beneath her.

Albert got drunk and Stan and Jean went home and left him at Del's flat. Albert fell asleep on one of the beds and awoke at 11pm. Del let Albert stay the night and drove him back to North London early the following morning but Stan and Jean had hooked their caravan on the back of their car and gone, leaving no contact details and just Albert's duffel bag where the caravan once stood.

Stan and Jean never saw Del again and Albert moved in with Del.

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