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Elsie Partridge was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses who was mentioned in "The Unlucky Winner Is..." and seen in "Sickness and Wealth and mentioned again in "If They Could See Us Now". She only

appeared in 1 episode, which was the aforementioned Sickness And Wealth. Elsie was played by Constance Chapman.


Elsie met Albert Trotter before the war, but never got together because Albert met Ada and married her.

Elsie married another man and they had 11 children together. He then got fed up and died. She was a medium who held seances in the 1960s and earned some money from it.


In the summer of 1988, Albert met up with Elsie again at a bingo game and took her out on a date. His nephew Derek "Del Boy" Trotter referred to her as the old lady who lived in the shoe. Rodney Trotter told his girlfriend Cassandra Parry about Elsie, saying she had 11 kids and her husband got fed up and died. Albert planned a romantic evening with Elsie at The Trotters flat, 12th floor of Nelson Mandela House.

About 6 weeks later, Del was cash strapped, he had rent arrears and had stomach pains. He heard that Elsie used to hold seances. Del saw ££££ signs and wanted to employ her while earning lots of money himself. Del and Elsie hed a dummy run at The Nags Head. Del's younger brother Rodney Trotter and his uncle Albert Trotter knew that Del was refusing to see a doctor about his stomach pains and the only person he would ever listen to was his late mum Joan Mavis Trotter. So Albert asked Elsie to pretend to get a message from Del's mum that he has to go and see a doctor. The ploy worked and Del went to see a doctor but as he did not say the truth about his lifestyle, he ended up being admitted to Peckham General Hospital. Del was worried about the diagnosis but he was right all along, it was just "Yuppie Flu", otherwise Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and he was given some tablets. Albert would dump Elsie sometime around late 1988-early 1989, wanting to keep his options open.

1996 - 2001[]

Albert, with his share of the winnings, moved down to the coast with Elsie Partridge. He lived in Weston Super Mare, Somerset. He never spent much of his winnings and wrote up a will, leaving £150'000 each to Del and Rodney.

By the time Albert dies in If They Could See Us Now, he and Elsie had been living together with Elsie's family in Weston-super-Mare for several years. Del and Rodney, accompanied by Raquel, Cassandra and Damien, travel to attend his funeral but accidentally attend the funeral of Albert "Bunny" Warren - at a church just up the road from Albert's funeral, attended by everyone else from Peckham.

Memorable info[]

Born: About 1910

Full Name: Elsie Partridge (Unknown Maiden Surname)



Spouse: Mr Partridge (??-Before 1989)

Children: 11 children