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Duke was an animal character in Only Fools and Horses, appearing in the episode "Sleeping Dogs Lie". He was the pet Great Dane of Marlene and Boycie, whom Marlene regarded as her baby.



Boycie bought Duke after Marlene had grown broody. At one point Del Boy found another opportunity to earn some quick money by babysitting Boycie and Marlene's dog, Duke. The Trotter brothers arrive at Boycie's house and meet Duke, a large Great Dane who eats steak, takes vitamin pills, and nearly kills people when playing with them.

The next day, Del and Rodney go to the park where Del reminds Rodney that it is his turn to take Duke for a run. As Del walks off to flirt with a beautiful woman walking a dachshund, Rodney is horrified to see Duke lying in the back of the Trotter Van with no sign of life, and rushes to tell Del the bad news. The Trotter brothers race back to the van and are relieved to see that Duke is still breathing, so they quickly drive him to the vet.

While waiting at the local veterinary clinic, Rodney says that he believes that Duke being ill is all because of Albert. When the vet enters having examined Duke, he tells them that Duke is not injured and his illness is a mystery. He asks what the dog has been eating and when Del mentions re-heated pork, the vet concludes that Duke has been struck down with salmonella poisoning. Since Albert ate the rest of the pork, Del phones home and tells him he must go to hospital.

Later that night, back at the flat, Boycie and Marlene phone the Trotters to check on Duke, and Del pretends to be Duke by doing a quick barking noise into the telephone receiver.

The next morning, the Trotter Brothers arrive at the hospital to pick up Albert, who complains about what the doctors were doing to him. But Del has good news for Albert, that there was nothing wrong with him, and Duke has also made a complete recovery and is back on his paws.

Before the Trotters can leave for the vet, a doctor then shows them a bottle of pills given to him by one of the sisters and says that patients are not allowed to bring their own medicine into the hospital. Del points out that those pills are Duke's vitamin tablets. Rodney denies it and says that he has got Duke's vitamin tablets and pulls out a bottle that looks identical to the other one. After seeing both bottles, Del realises the truth behind Duke's condition: Rodney had been feeding Duke with Albert's sleeping pills, and Albert has been on the "Bob Martins". Del and Rodney decide not to tell Albert but are overcome by the temptation to do so as they find the situation too hilarious. After a few jokes intended to reference the fact that he has taken a dog's vitamin tablets and with Albert confused as to why the boys are laughing and acting strangely towards him, Del and Rodney ask him to come with them and Del then says "Come on boy, come on" to end the episode with him and Rodney chuckling.


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By 2005, Duke appeared to have passed away as he never made any appearances. However, a photograph of him was present in the kitchen of Boycie's house in Peckham in the first episode of The Green Green Grass.