Herman Aubrey "Boycie" Boyce wa
Ofah mr boyce

Boycie, the flash spiv.

s a character in Only Fools And Horses. He also appeard in the shows 2 spin offs, Rock And Chips and Green, Green Grass, in which he was the main character. He was a second hand car salesman who came from the same background as Derek "Del Boy" Trotter but became a rich man with a posh house. He was a spiv who was quite snooty, and he forgot that he is cut from the same cloth as Del, Denzel and Trigger. Boycie was played by John Challis.



Herman Aubrey Boyce was born in 1945 in Peckha
Ofah boyc rock and chips

Boycie as seen in Rock And Chips.

m, London. He inherited his father's scary looks. In about 1950 Boycie's mum took a photo of him and his dad, the only one who called him by his middle name Aubrey. Boycie went to Dockside Secondary Modern school where he met Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, Denzel and Trigger - aka Colin Ball and they all becoame good friends. In 1968 Boycie married Marlene Lane. Boycie did a stretch in prison when he was young for perjury, embezzlement, perverting the course of justice and attempting to bribe the Mayor of Lambeth.





Memorable infoEdit

Born: 28th January 1945

Full Name: Herman Aubrey Boyce

ParentsMr Boyce and Mrs Boyce

Siblings: None

Spouse: Marlene Lane (1968-present)

Children: Tyler Boyce (1989)

Occupation: Second hand car salesman (1962-2005), Farmer (2005-2009)