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Terrence Aubrey "Boycie" Boyce was a character in Only Fools And Horses. He also appeard in the shows 2 spin offs, Rock & Chips and Green, Green Grass, in which he was the main character. He was a second hand car salesman who came from the same background as Derek "Del Boy" Trotter but became a rich man with a posh house. He was a spiv who was quite snooty, and he forgot that he is cut from the same cloth as Del, Denzel and Trigger. Boycie was played by John Challis.



Terrence Aubrey Boyce was born in 1945 in Peckham, London. He inherited his father's scary looks. In about 1950 Boycie's mum took a photo of him and his dad, the only one who called him by his middle name Aubrey. Boycie went to Dockside Secondary Modern school where he met Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, Denzel and Trigger - aka Colin Ball and they all became good friends. In 1968 Boycie married Marlene Lane. Boycie did a stretch in prison when he was young for perjury, embezzlement, perverting the course of justice and attempting to bribe the Mayor of Lambeth.

Rock & Chips[]

In 1960, 15 year old Boycie hangs out with Del, Trigger, Jumbo Mills and new-in-town Denzil are still in school, following an increase in the school-leaving age.

Five Gold Rings[]

During the events of "Five Gold Rings", Boycie got himself a job as a cleaner for a Spanish second hand car dealer, Alberto Balsam.

Boycie as seen in Rock And Chips.


Boycie makes his first appearance in the second episode of the first series "Go West Young Man" Del and Rodney go to his Showroom and buy a clapped out car off him for £50. Boycie asks Del if he can store his new E Type Jaguar in his garage for him for a week, it is a present for his bit on the side. Del agrees to this.

Boycie's next appearance is in "A Losing Streak", in which Del has been losing in a series of poker games with him, which Del attributes to a "losing streak".

Strangers on the Shore[]

Del Boy has been driving for Boycie in order to earn money after losing his fortune. As Boycie and Marlene prepare to head to a relative's wedding, Boycie boasts to Del about how he is going be a millionaire when he travels to France in a month's time to sign a multi-millionaire deal with an Iranian businessman, and will not make the same mistakes that Del made.Fed up of Boycie's boasting, Del gains his revenge on Boycie by squeezing a tub of onion purée into his hair gel since Boycie cannot smell it due to a blocked nose.

A short time later, Boycie shows up asking to stay the night at the flat, because a gas leak from the log-effect gas fires Del sold him has filled his house with gas, and the fire brigade has evacuated the entire road. Marlene and Tyler are staying at her mother's, who forbade Boycie from staying because of an argument at the wedding caused by the onion purée Del squeezed into Boycie's hair gel. Feeling guilty, Del reluctantly allows Boycie to stay.

Boycie's 1st appearance.jpg

2 weeks later, the fire brigade allow Boycie to move back into his house and he asks Del to drive him to France the following week so he can sign the contract. Rodney suggests taking "Gary" back with them, but Del declines out of fear of being caught smuggling a migrant out of the country, a likely first. Boycie tells them that Damien has taken him to play football with his friends and he has not been seen since. When Del, Rodney, and Boycie arrive in France, they meet with Boycie's Iranian business partner Mr. Mamoon, who introduces them to his son, Rashid Mamoon, who is revealed to be "Gary" and was working at the wine warehouse and loading Denzil's lorry, when Del accidentally trapped him under some beer boxes. Believing the trio are there to demand a ransom, Rashid panics and claims Boycie and the Trotter brothers are the kidnappers. Mr. Mamoon calls the police and Del, Rodney and Boycie are arrested for kidnapping.

Sleepless in Peckham[]

After not hearing from Marlene for a couple of days, people begin to become suspicious, with Del and Rodney remembering that Boycie took out a life insurance policy on her. The pair visit Boycie and Del bluntly says he thinks Boycie killed her and buried her in the garden. Boycie is angry and says he has never been insulted so much in his life. He spent many hours on that garden, he is not going to just dig a hole in it. He says she is upstairs. Del cannot hear her and Boycie says she is a deep sleeper.

At The Nags Head during the Ziggy Sawdust Tribute, Boycie shows up with Marlene who is revealed to have had a boob job. Everyone takes the mickey. Marlene and Raquel Turner have a row after Marlene praises her dress then says she must pick up the curtain from the cleaners on the way home. Raquel mocks her boob job and her age. Sid throws Marlene out, unaware it is her and Boycie's anniversary do, to which Boycie loudly informs Sid. They're allowed back in and Sid gives out free champagne to everyone to distract everyone form the incident.

The Green, Green Grass (2005-2009)[]

Boycie in the first episode of The Green Green Grass

Eighteen months prior, Boycie snitched on the The Driscoll Brothers, resulting in them getting a life sentence. But he finds out from Denzil that they are due to get out as the witnesses to their crimes changed their statements, and they have found out that Boycie is the secret snitch. Boycie sells his showroom and house and moves to rural Shropshire in order to get away from them.


Boycie in 2015

In 2015, Boycie and Marlene read Del Boy's autobiography He Who Dares. Boycie wasn't pleased at how he was depicted in Del's book, and planned to make a complaint. However, after being told how much the booksellers would pay him, he completely changed his attitude.

The book reveals that Boycie and Marlene returned to Peckham following the disappearance and presumed death of The Driscoll Brothers, meaning they left Shropshire shortly after the events of the Green Green Grass. Their reappearance was a relief to Del Boy and their other friends in Peckham.


Boycie, although materially successful and ostentatious in his spending, remains competitive with Del and other friends, enjoying their company, although he does enjoy reveling in his superiority. Despite this, it appears that he dearly loves his friends throughout the series. He generally wears clothes and carries accessories synonymous with 1980s yuppie success, such as trench coats and very early mobile telephones. In the episode Sickness and Wealth, in which the series regulars took part in a seance, the medium asked for "an Aubrey". When Boycie replied that it was his middle name, Trigger said "You never told us your name is Aubrey." Boycie replied "Nor would you if you name was Aubrey." Whenever Boycie has a drink in the pub, it is always a large cognac.

Boycie and Del share a loose friendship, but prefer to play a long standing game of one upmanship. Boycie is at pains to maintain the upper hand over Del in that he is a mason, a successful businessman and wealthier than the Trotters. One of his trademarks is his deep, mocking laugh, usually following a sarcastic, biting remark at the expense of Del or other characters, as well as his distinctive South London nasal twang. Boycie has appeared since the second episode of the first series; he made sporadic appearances from series 2 - 5 and appeared more in series 6 and 7.

It is, however, usually Del (a character more street smart and popular with the Nag's Head social group) that gains the upper hand, often trading on the fact that he has a long-standing, flirtatious friendship with Boycie's wife, Marlene. Del has alluded to past sexual encounters with Marlene, and to her reputation amongst Nag's Head regulars as 'The Peckham Bicycle'. He has also claimed to have inside knowledge, through Marlene, of Boycie's marital secrets, and has alleged that Boycie has at times suffered from impotence; these rumours were not fully quashed even after the eventual birth - following many attempts - of Boycie and Marlene Boyce's son, Tyler.

In The Green Green Grass Boycie is portrayed with the same personality as in Only Fools and Horses but he seems to be more respected by women. In one episode, "Sex and the Country" he is seduced by Tyler's English teacher, who admits she likes more mature men, and in another episode, "Life Swap", Boycie's swapped wife tries to seduce him.


  • Boycie and Denzilare the only characters to appear in all Only Fools and Horses related shows, that being Only Fools and Horses, The Green Green Grass and the prequel Rock and Chips.
  • John Challis and Sue Holderness have reprised their roles as Boycie and Marlene for numerous shorts following the end of The Green Green Grass. They returned for two shorts in 2011 to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary, and then for a promotional video in 2015 for Del Boy's autobiography Who Dares Wins. Challis appeared in-character as Boycie in a short video for the Only Fools and Horses Youtube channel in January 2021, in which he urged people to remain at home during the lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Memorable info[]

Born: 28th January 1945

Full Name: Terrence Aubrey Boyce

ParentsMr Boyce and Mrs Boyce

Siblings: None

Spouse: Marlene Lane (1968-present)

Children: Tyler Boyce (1989)

Occupation: Second hand car salesman (1962-2005), Farmer (2005-2009)