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Rashid Mamoon "Gary" was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses who was found in Denzil's lorry by Del and Rodney after they arrive back in Peckham from Dover. They decide to take him into the flat as they fear he would get hurt if they simply let him go into the streets in the middle of the night.

There is a humorous exchange between Raquel, Cassandra and Damien with Del and Rodney struggling to come up with an alibi on who this man is eventually having to admit he was an illegal immigrant who they found in the lorry. His nickname "Gary" is also assigned by Del during this exchange which would become the character's only line of dialogue in his entire appearance in which he randomly shouts "Gary" on various occasions not understanding what the word means.

It is implied that Mammon is secretly a great grandson of Uncle Albert's due to Albert putting it about during the war, and Mamoon's father always admired the British as his gran met an English sailor in the war. Also Del and Rodney noticed a slight resemblance between Rashid's father and Albert. There is usually no smoke without fire. If this is the case, he is distantly related to Del and Rodney.


Memorable info[]

Born: About 1980

Full Name: Rashid Mamoon

Parents: Mr Mamoon and Mrs Mamoon